Bora Silver (R32)

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Gree Bora Silver wall monosplit air conditioner. Gree Bora air conditioners consisting of smart indoor air conditioning unit and outdoor unit. Gree Bora Silver - air-conditioned room or office offers increased ...flexibility due to WiFi control, advanced features included and small size that make it spacious in any space. Gree air conditioning Cold Plasma filter for the removal of unpleasant odors and efficient air purification, being very suitable for people prone to allergies or colds. Auto Clean self-cleaning function, making Gree Bora R32 excel in the fight against mold formation. Other main Gree air functions: cold air protection, turbo and dehumidification function, sleep and quiet operation mode, intelligent car and defrost mode, timer, self-diagnosis, restart. This Gree Bora Silver air conditioner has a very modern WiFi control application for the functions of the device, whether you are in the next room or in another location. Gree air conditioner inverter with R32 ecological refrigerant. Gree inverter excellent for cooling rooms and as air conditioning heating rooms during cool periods. Gree air conditioner with the most compact dimensions (these air conditioning dimensions can be followed in the specifications of each model). Gree A4 Silver with LED display for the set temperature display.
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Gree Bora Silver 12000 BTU air conditioning (R32)

Gree Bora Silver 12000 BTU air conditioning (R32)nou
  • RefrigerantR32
  • BTU cooling (BTU)11000
  • BTU heating (BTU)11600
  • Energy class CA++
  • Operation ambient temp. range C (°C)-15 43
  • Operation ambient temp. range H (°C)-15 24
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