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Professional air conditioning super digital Toshiba cassette inverter, commercial segment (RAV). Classic and compact box air conditioning, commercial range Toshiba Super Digital Inverter (RAV-SDI), with recessed ceiling mounting or suspended from ...the ceiling: Toshiba Cassette and Toshiba Compact Cassette. The Super Digital Inverter (SDI) technology included in Toshiba's commercial air conditioning (RAV) segment features the latest flexible control technology for controlling the movements of air conditioning control inverters to ensure the lowest power consumption, low noise and maximum comfort during operation of AC units. Specific mounting in the false ceiling offers versatility and elegance; and the compact dimensions and airflow adjustment bring extra comfort in any commercial activity. Very wide temperature range: cooling in outdoor environment conditions up to + 52 ° C and heating from -27 ° C. Each outdoor unit comprises a Toshiba double rotary inverter motor (DC Rotary) with extremely low friction of the motor rotors, making it ideal for quiet air conditioning systems. Very compact and very energy efficient outdoor unit. Toshiba's Super Digital Cassette Inverter includes in its commercial segment capacities of at least 18000 BTU (compact variant) and between 18000 BTU and 48000 BTU (standard variant). Through the optional wall controller you will benefit from special temperature programming, so that this ceiling-mounted or recessed ceiling air conditioning is suitable for server rooms, wine cellars or other spaces that need to be cooled below the usual classic temperatures.
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SDI air conditioning Toshiba Compact Cassette 18000 BTUs

SDI air conditioning Toshiba Compact Cassette 18000 BTUsnou
  • RefrigerantR32
  • Power supply (V/Hz/Ph)220-240/50/1
  • BTU cooling (BTU)17100
  • BTU heating (BTU)19100
  • Energy class CA+
  • Energy class HA+
  • Air flow volume (m³/h)672
  • ControlRemote Wired (optional)
  • Operation ambient temp. range C (°C)-15 52
  • Operation ambient temp. range H (°C)-27 15
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