Torque wrenches

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A torque wrench is one of the most effective tools for applying torque to screws, nuts or other fasteners for various installations. A torque wrench is essential for sealing the ...connections, and the installer can perform a torque wrench setting and calibration so that the fastener meets the requirements of the installation. We provide you with professional torque wrenches, Rothenberger brand, with applications for air conditioning and refrigeration. You also have the option to purchase sets of torque wrenches - all versions being original, made in Germany. The torque is measured in Newton meters (Nm), and DTN Group offers variants of torque wrenches 10-110 Nm, 10-70 Nm, 10-75 Nm. Select your desired model and request the price offer. We will answer you promptly!
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Torque wrench 10-110 Nm Rothenberger

Torque wrench 10-110 Nm Rothenbergernou
  • ApplicationAC (Air-conditioning)
  • tightening (Nm)10-110
  • Diameters (mm)15 32
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Torque wrench 10-170 Nm Rothenberger

Rothenberger torque wrench set 10-75 Nm

Rothenberger torque wrench set 10-75 Nmnou
  • ApplicationUniversal
  • tightening (Nm)10-75 (14-77)
  • Diameters (mm)17 29
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