Toshiba RAV accessories

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Toshiba air conditioning accessories for commercial air conditioning (RAV) systems. This category includes original accessories compatible with Toshiba commercial monosplit air conditioners: Toshiba wired controllers, cassette drive grilles, presence sensors, ...etc.
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Toshiba RBC-AWSU52-E wall-mounted remote control

Toshiba RBC-AWSU52-E wall-mounted remote controlnou
  • Installing typepe perete (wired, on wall)
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Toshiba RBC-AMSU52-EN wall-mounted remote control

Toshiba RBC-AMSU51-EN wall-mounted remote control

Grille for Toshiba RAV Cassette RBC-UM21PG(W)-E

Grille for Toshiba RAV Cassette RBC-UM21PG(W)-E
  • Installing typein exteriorul unitatii (outside installation) incastrat in tavan (embedded in the ceiling)
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