160P Maneurop oil (2 l)

Danfoss Maneurop 160P mineral oil refrigerant in a 2 liter container

  • Lubricant for compressors that use R22, R502 and for some systems that use ammonia.
  • Specially designed to operate in accordance with the strict requirements of closed loop ammonia refrigeration systems.
  • This unique and specialized blend offers value-added benefits in the areas of improving system efficiency and higher productivity.
  • Exceptional chemical and thermal stability.
  • Consult the supplier for the compatibility of the oil with the exact compressor model.


  • Oil type Mineral
  • Capacity 2 l
  • Refrigerant compatibility HCFC (ex. R22, R123), Natural (ex. CO2, R717, R600a)
  • Application guide Rotative (rotary), Tip șurub (Screw)
  • Viscosity
    • 40°C : 31.5
    • 100°C : 4.6
    • Index : -
  • Acid value <0.07 mg KOH/g
  • Pour point -45 °C
  • Density* 0.9
  • Flash point 176 °C

Tabel comparativ

Maneurop oils
Modele Oil typeCapacity (l)Refrigerant compatibilityApplication guideViscosityPour point (°C)
Ulei Maneurop 160P (2 l)Mineral2HCFC (ex. R22, R123)
Natural (ex. CO2, R717, R600a)
Rotative (rotary)
Tip șurub (Screw)
Ulei Maneurop 160PZ (2.5 l)Sintetic/esteric2.5HFC (ex. R134a, R404A, R507, R407C, R410A, R32)Cu piston (reciprocating)
Ulei Maneurop 160SZ (2.5 l)Sintetic/esteric2.5HFC (ex. R134a, R404A, R507, R407C, R410A, R32)
Natural (ex. CO2)
Cu piston (reciprocating)

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160P Maneurop oil (2 l)