Air conditioning black sealing tape (50 mm)

AC sealing tape, adhesive, 25 meters

  • PVC insulating tape, made of glossy material - self-adhesive protective tape style for insulating electrical wires and air conditioning pipes -, perfectly adaptable to AC installations.
  • Sealing tape for pipes and other AC elements, protecting the covered areas against UV rays and weather.
  • Ultra-resistant black adhesive tape, with dense material thickness 0.125 mm thick.


  • Width 50 mm
  • Length 20 m
  • Adhesion adezivă (adhesive)
  • Colour neagra (black)
  • Weight in grams 185 gr

Tabel comparativ

Sealing tape air conditioning
Modele Banda de matisat alba (100 mm x 25 m)Banda de matisat alba (50 mm x 20 m)Banda de matisat neagra (50 mm x 20 m)
Width (mm)1005050
Length (m)252020
Adhesionnon-adezivă (non-adhesive)adezivă (adhesive)adezivă (adhesive)
Colouralba (white)alba (white)neagra (black)

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Air conditioning black sealing tape (50 mm)